Correspondence Guitar Lessons

Why correspondence guitar lessons?

why correspondence guitar lessons

Learning to play guitar via correspondence is one of the most effective and efficient method of learning available today. It’s convenient, and offers you a flexible approach to learning.

In a standard one-to-one in person lesson, a lot of time will be spent around listening to your playing and giving you feedback. The greatest thing about correspondence lessons is the fact that we do not waste any time. Once in a while you can submit a video to me and I will give you pertinent feedback on your playing.

You lessons will consist of a very large zip file with a lot of material to study in each and every lesson. There is no way you can get this amount of information in a private lesson.

You might think, that you will feel overwhelmed….

At times you might feel overwhelmed but if you want to make fast progress then you have to get used to feeling overwhelmed (Some of the time). Taking in a lot of information is the only way to reach a high standard in a short period of time.

Having said that we also do revision lessons, where we will revise the work that has been done.

Correspondence guitar lessons is ideal if you cannot find a great guitar teacher close to you. Even if you can find a good teacher, finding a world-class coach, mentor and trainer is usually close to impossible.

I offer the following correspondence guitar lesson options:

[list order=”ul” style=”disc”]
[list_item]Standard Correspondence Guitar Lessons[/list_item]
[list_item]Tapping Correspondence Guitar Lessons[/list_item]

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