Online Guitar Lessons

Online Guitar Lessons

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Life Transforming Online Guitar Lessons
with Virtuoso Guitar Master Stefan Joubert

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“Before I reveal the
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Guitar Thing
You need to read the

FACT 1: 93% of Guitarists will never become the guitarist they hope to become!


This is one fact that will never change.

In any given situation on earth, whether we talk about music, sport, business, science, mathematics and all other fields, there is always a minority percentage that became successful in their field.

Most people don’t go that far, it’s just too much effort!

In today’s fast-paced world, we’ve been educated to expect quick results without much effort.

Fortunately, I’m not going to bring you the same “polished lie” – no; I’m going to speak the truth! Sweet talking situations with euphemism and unrealistic expectations won’t change your guitar playing much!

At least not for the better.

I’ve observed that only 7% of guitarists achieve their goals! (Whether it’s playing bar chords or improvising over chord changes)

Most guitarists and musicians simply follow the wrong strategy and never had the right opportunity to learn from someone who can show them how to play at the best of their ability!

93% Simply give up and accept the inevitable as their way of life! They never reach the dreams, they’ve hope to achieve on the guitar!

I don’t know what your background is, why you are here today or what you want to do with your guitar playing. What I do know is that IF you don’t follow the right methods, you’re probably not going to succeed!

There’s an old and famous saying that goes like this: “Look at what everyone around you is doing (guitar-wise) and do the exact opposite!”

What’s the meaning of this saying? Well, it’s quite simple.

Most guitarists are always looking for a shortcut – for the cheapest, no-pain-method-of-learning. Although I’m not for pain per se, sometimes no pain means no gain. If you’re looking for a path that is rosy without obstacles, then you are not at the right place!

[kc_heading_pac_2_headline_main size=”25″ color=”#000″ align=”left”]What Success Really Looks Like:[/kc_heading_pac_2_headline_main]


Fact 2: It’s simply impossible to develop with the wrong teacher or methods


Looking back at my own guitar journey, I’ve made [highlight]the greatest progress[/highlight] whenever I studied with the best guitar teachers.

I vividly recall reading an article (in my early days) where a top-notch guitar master explained that today’s youth and guitar enthusiasts want to learn how to play using video and easy methods. He then went on to compare McDonald’s as a healthy nutritional daily meal with these “learn to play like Hendrix in 2 days” methods.

And he was not even speaking about YouTube! (Where every person with a video camera can make a recording)

He went on to explain that one would learn 10-30 times more in a single lesson with a master than with some fast food “become-a-virtuoso-in-a-day-method.”

Unfortunately most people are looking for the easy way out!

What end up happening, is that the easy path becomes the hard path and the hard path (i.e.
learning how to play properly) becomes the easy path. (The first shall be last and
the last shall be first!)

The truth is that progress happens extremely quick IF you learn with the right methods.

Without top-notch guitar instruction, you will never become the guitarists you dream to be!

You need training to help you to go from A-Z in the quickest and most effective method.

The true facts are; you just cannot become the guitarist you want to become if you continue learning with mediocre guitar teachers or one-size-fits-all methods!

Fact 3: You don’t know what you don’t
what you don’t know!


I know that sounds complex, but the truth is that there are a lot of things that JUST you don’t know!

There is also no way you can discover them by yourself. (Unless you search and search and search)

I have a way of opening up the fretboard to you in a manner that will enlighten you and help you to really make deep and serious progress on the guitar!

You see, everything has a nature to it and understanding the nature of the guitar will help you to become a much better player.

One way of explaining the nature of something is to take the 12 notes of music.

There are 12 notes, and we can subdivide that into various mathematical permutations.

Doing so, we can get a whole tone scale, a tritone, a chromatic scale, an augmented triad,
and a diminished tetrad. (If we decide to subdivide the octave into equal parts)

Okay! – it might sound complex for some; it might sound easy for some.

NEVERTHELESS, What I’m trying to say is that there is a nature for each of the following:

» Guitar picking (right-hand)
» Vibrato (left hand)
» Tapping (both hands)
» Strumming (left hand)
» Moving chords rapidly (left hand)
» Playing with others (band skills)
» Smooth voice leading (harmonic skills)
» Songwriting (harmonic and lyric skills)
» Playing fast (technical synchronisation skill)

The list could go on and on and on and on…

Trying to figure out how to do each of these subjects all by yourself or with a local teacher
will probably be of no use!

Most guitarists don’t EVEN know how to do all the things on the list above. (I’m talking about professional guitarists)

Some virtuoso guitarists have great technique, but are either not available to teach you (as they are famous) or they are terrible teachers…

REMEMBER: just because someone can play well doesn’t mean they can teach well!

[highlight]THE MORAL OF THE STORY:[/highlight] You actually NEED expert input in order to avoid wasting your money and time. You need solid musical nutrition to become the guitarists you dream to become! (you would be FOOLISH not to take it…)



Most guitarists are not satisfied with their playing.

Fortunately, there is a reason for this!

If you’ve been trying to improve your guitar playing, but you just cannot seem to find the way, you need to know that it is not your fault!

Let me repeat that – IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

You have simply been following the wrong methods and tried learning all by yourself or with the wrong teacher. (who might be a very nice and genuine person, but just not good enough to take to the next level!) They just don’t have what it takes to turn you into the guitarist YOU dream to be!

Lack of high-quality instruction is probably the SINGLE biggest reason most guitarists belong to the 93%.

If you get the right input, your playing will skyrocket, and you will never think of the guitar in the same manner again!

After only a few months, you should see a tremendous difference in your playing, and your technique should be miles better than before!

The best players in the industry all had regular weekly input from top-notch players. (Steve Vai learned from Joe Satriani)

Your frustration is due to a lack of high-quality input!

You have been feeding a steady diet of musical fast food to your guitar playing!

Fact 5: Contrary to popular belief, talent doesn’t help and can even be harmful to your playing!


This might sound crazy and contrarian, but it’s also true!

The most talented guitar learners are often the ones who end up harming the guitar playing!

You see, talented people rely on their own intuition. Talented guitar learners often try to solve complex problems all by themselves.

Instead of solving a given problem within a few months they end up spending years of effort without finding a solution.

Talented people end up harming himself unintentionally because of their ego, reliance on self and unwillingness to learn from others. I’m not speaking about all talented people, I’m simply referring to the vast majority of talented guitarists who have got incredible ability, but they let their head get in the way!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with talent, but in order to see results your talent needs to be nurtured with top-notch input for it to grow as it deserves to grow!

Fact 6: Access to “free information” is one of the primary reasons why you are so frustrated with your guitar playing!

Free information

The Internet is a jumble wumble of free information and resources with an infinite potential to help you waste your time if you cannot distinguish between what is good and what is a waste of time.

There are so many “become-an-excellent-guitarist-today-with-out-any-work” methods that it’s sickening!

When I was younger and I learned the guitar, I did not have the Internet as a distraction. I had to rely on the input from excellence guitar mentor and quality guitar books to become the player that I am today!

I am eternally thankful for not having many distractions and having the time to develop my playing. (the Internet used badly can actually be detrimental!)

It is sickening fact that most of today’s passionate guitar learners are all looking for a quick method without putting any real effort!

The SHOCKING TRUTH is that access to free information will put you in musical slavery UNLESS you know how to distinguish between good and bad information. Your true source of information should always come from a high-quality instructor if you don’t want to waste your life being mediocre musician!

Fact 7: Successful guitar development has more to do with having the correct state of mind, than anything else!

Correct State of Mind

Guitar playing is 80% motivation and only 20% motor skills!

You probably spend more than 50% of your time on developing your playing with less than 10% on getting motivation!

Why do you think top athletes have coaches? They simply need the motivation and expertise from the coach in order to compete and win the race!

You may only want to learn how to play the guitar for your pleasure, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you achieve the level of guitar playing that you dream to achieve!

Our earlier statistics proved that 93% of all guitarists will never achieve their dreams!

If you are to be one of the 7% who actually achieve their dreams, you are going to need a massive amount of motivation!

Fact 8: Solving guitar problems (such as learning how to pick fast) is solved in the mind and not on the guitar!

In my private guitar practising in Central London, I’ve observed how guitar students try to solve problems.


They’re always trying to solve them on the guitar.

It’s actually impossible to solve any problem on the guitar. You see, problems and solutions reside within your own mind. The guitar is just the medium through which you express yourself. Have you ever seen a top-notch guitarist perform with the ultimate technique, style and touch?

The only reason they can play with such fluidity is due to the extensive training that they have received in the area of their mind!

Steve Vai said that the guitar should become a natural extension of your body.

The only way to achieve this is to solve all the problems inside of your mind!

Fact 9: You deserve success and you are destined to be an outstanding guitarist!


You will not hear these words from most guitar teachers!

Most guitar teachers and instructors suffer from a lack of vision and unfortunately they transfer that lack onto their students.

I don’t care if you only want to play bar chords successfully and only play a couple of songs well. That does not disturb me at all. I specifically cater for all levels and will help you reach YOUR goal. (You’re competing against yourself and not others)

It is my mission to help you become the guitarist that you’re destined to be!

It is my mission to help you succeed! – regardless of whether you want to become like Yngwie Malmsteen, Shawn Lane or simply play the guitar for your pleasure!

It is so important, in fact it is vital to stop looking at everyone else and ask yourself what YOU want to do.

Once you’ve established your vision, success means the achievement of that vision!

I’m a success ONLY if you are a success! The purpose of a teacher is to help the students succeed. ( not the other way around)

Fact 10: Your musical potential is infinite, but your habits, mindset, vision and surroundings have kept you from becoming the musician you want to become!


Einstein was a failure in his early days. His teachers thought he was stupid.

Just like Einstein, you’ve got infinite potential within. Your potential is so great, but you just don’t know it. You don’t believe in yourself, because everyone around you has conditioned you for mediocrity!

Most people on this planet are mediocre.

They don’t even reach a percent of a percent of the percent of their ability.

If you’re going to be thinking, think big!

You need to believe in yourself and in your vision. Even at that vision is a simple vision such as playing your favourite songs. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that your mindset gets transformed and you become more you deserve to be!

I believe you can do it – don’t listen to the negative voices in your head – don’t believe in what people have told you. (The majority is usually wrong)

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