My Teaching Philosophy

teaching philosophy

One of the biggest questions in your mind is probably why should I learn with you versus all other available options to me.

This is a very pertinent question, and one that you should be asking yourself.

The only reason why you should ever study with anybody is because that individual will make a massive transformative difference to your guitar playing. The truth is most guitar teachers cannot do this. There are simply too inexperienced and do not have the knowledge required to make such a difference in your playing. They may claim that they can make a difference and to some extent they could, but there is a vast difference between making a difference and radically transforming your playing in a short time.

My teaching philosophy is based upon years of study with great masters of the guitar and many thousands upon thousands of hours of thought.

At the heart of the guitar lies the nature of the guitar. Going deep into the nature of the guitar along with common sense, theoretical knowledge and answering questions to the why, what, how, when and where is the route I like to take. My main concern is to get you to start thinking about instrument in a completely different light to the way in which you have been thinking for the past number of years.

In addition to changing your thinking about the instrument and showing you how it works, I also believe in deep motivation and inspiration to get you to take action and simply spend more time with instrument to become the player that you deserve to be.

There is simply no way that you can reach this level by yourself. There are only a handful of guitarists on the planet that could teach you on a similar level, and most of them are not located where you are.

You will never reach this level by simply paying $14 per month for 1000 online guitar videos. You will never reach this level by taking shortcuts. You’ve got to invest your time, money and effort into your guitar playing and then you will eventually strike gold.

The first step to guitar success is recognising that shortcuts only exist when you study with a master. A master will help you find shortcuts because he or she knows the roads and have tested them and can help you reach your goals quicker and avoid years of trial and error.

The choice ultimately lies in your own hands. You can either continue playing the way you’ve been playing for the past number of years and continue with the methods that you have been pursuing. Or you can decide that enough is enough and join my online guitar course and finally make a massive change to your guitar playing forever.

Once you’ve joined and practice the material provided I promise you will never regret having joined!

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