The secrets of a disciplined routine and the effects that will have on your guitar playing and your life.

Guitarist Playing

Secret number one – A disciplined routine yields major results!

Although discipline can certainly feel painful, especially if you are tired and not in the mood to do work, the results are always amazing!

Being disciplined can be seen as a chore, and requires a certain type of mindset.

But it is by being disciplined that you will get major results in your guitar playing.

It is by being disciplined that you will go from being an amateur mediocre guitarist to becoming a proficient guitarist able to play across the guitar neck.

I am of the opinion that anyone can learn.

I personally believe that you are talented.

What you probably lack is a disciplined routine.

A disciplined routine is an automated routine. You need a routine where you do not think.

You simply do.

You do not ask yourself.

You simply take the baton and orchestrate your practice sessions.

So by being disciplined you will reap great rewards and your results will be outstanding.

You will benefit from extraordinary rewards that others won’t get.

Yes, discipline always (in the long term) yields major results!

Secret number two a disciplined routine makes you feel great

Once again, although painful in the short run, discipline makes you feel great in the long run.

Even in the book of Hebrews the writer states that “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on however it produces a harvest for those who have been trained by it!”

So throughout all history, great men and women knew the secret of discipline.

The fact is discipline makes you feel great and it makes you a better you!

You will definitely feel more satisfied and successful – able to take on the world!

So the next time you are tired and you feel like skipping your practice routine, remember you cannot become a great guitarist if you not are willing to pick up your guitar and play.

You simply have to be dedicated to the task at hand regardless of your emotions.

You will never be successful if you blindly follow your emotions.

So don’t.

Just stick to your schedule – you will feel great!

Here is an exercise from life success coach Tony Robbins:

Tony Robbins

(Photo by Randy Steward)


I want you to imagine your life in two years from date and think about how you will play the guitar if you practice using the same (undisciplined) routine you may be using now.

(Of course if you are super disciplined – well done… continue doing so!)

Now I want you to imagine your life in five years from now and do the same exercise…

Now I want you to imagine your life in 10 years from now and do the same exercise…

After this, do exactly the same exercise, but this time imagine how you would feel after two years of following a great disciplined practice routine.

Then imagine how you would feel after five years of following that great routine.

Then imagine how you would feel after 10 years of following that disciplined routine without compromising.

Now I want you to compare the ‘YOU’ that you will be in both scenarios.

As Tony Robbins states – let the pain of losing out guide you.


You simply cannot afford to be the losers that you will be if you do not practice diligently.

(I do not mean this in any way negative, and I am simply trying to help you become a better guitarist and a better person all round.)

Of course all these principles can equally be applied to your career as well! (You can be far more successful than you are now!)

So do the work – let the pain of NOT ACHIEVING be FAR greater than the pleasure of skipping your guitar practice session and watching television.

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Secret number three a practice routine offers the best return on your practice time and effort

Return on Investment
Now onto the next point.

Your entire life is an investment.

Everything that you do is a type of investment.

Whether you like it or not.

Every moment – every decision you make is an investment.

The secret is making the right choices.

And that’s where my point comes in. A disciplined routine will definitely give you the best bang for your buck when it comes to your guitar playing.

It is where you will excel.

I want you to do another simple but practical exercise:

Do a 90-day guitar improvement challenge for me

For the next 90 days, I would like you to practice with a disciplined schedule and routine.

I want you to stick to your schedule.

Without compromise.

I want you to practice ‘how to practice’.

Did you know that most guitarists and musicians do not know how to practice?

Only by practising successful can you become successful.

It’s the use of your resource (time) that will produce the best result your guitar playing.

Now you may read this and think what is he going on about, but I guarantee you that the end results to your playing will be immense.

It will be immense because you will be astonished at the results.

It is by making use of the most limited resource that you’ve got – your time – by investing and spending time wisely that you get a great return.

Practice diligently and with intelligence and you will become a successful guitarist in due time.

I guarantee you that your dreams will become a reality if you stick to a dedicated schedule!

Secret number four the majority of people are undisciplined. You get to join the elite – the 5% of excellers by being disciplined.

Horse Racing - The Elite

The truth is the majority of the world are not excellent.

It’s a simple fact.

Most people do not like discipline.

Most people do not like the idea of giving up something today for a return in the future. (It’s a proven fact that people prefer to use credit – get something today and pay in the future…. With your guitar playing, you do however need to pay the price in full before you can enjoy the rewards.)

You may need to give up your television time, sometimes even your sleep to become great.

The majority will never want to hear this.

But by giving up in the short term you are receiving a lot more in the long term.

That is exactly what you need to do.

So make a decision today to join the 5%!

Join the elite.

Join the winners – the ones who take home the trophy!

Become the guitarist you have always wanted to become!

Secret number five – a disciplined routine creates automation – the key to ALL your success.

Golden Key

Experts agree – if you can automate it, you can get incredible success!

You definitely need a practice schedule that is automatic.

You need to practice without thinking.

Of course you need to study and think during your practice time, but you shouldn’t need to think about when to practice.

Your practice schedule should be laid out for you and you should just follow it day by day.

It is one of the biggest secrets.

If you have a schedule that you follow day in and day out, you really do not need to be so disciplined.

The discipline will take care of itself.

That is exactly what I recommend with your guitar playing.

Once again it’s the same in all the other areas of your life.

Whatever you want to achieve, if you put it on automation, you will have far greater probability of reaching that success!

Create a disciplined practice schedule that works for you and stick to it no matter what.

Of course if you miss a day, it doesn’t really matter as long as you get back on track and keep on keeping on.

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Secret number six a disciplined routine will help you achieve all your musical goals.

Your Musical Goals

What has been your frustration lately?

Is it improvising over chord changes?

Is it how to play fast?

Is it how to do a vibrato properly?

Is it how to do hammer-ons and pull-offs?

Is it how to phrase?

Is it how to control your left hand fingers?

Is it how to play in a band?

Is it how to become famous?

All these frustrations (or problems) have solutions

I guarantee you that there are solutions to each one of these issues.

And that is the great thing about discipline.

Discipline, along with excellent musical input from a mentor will help you overcome any of these obstacles in the shortest space of time.

A disciplined routine is in fact the only way to fix any and all of the above problems.

So be disciplined and stick to your to your routine – you will achieve all your musical goals and be a far happier you!

Secret number seven a disciplined routine is a type of investment into the future

Trading Investment

Once again, being disciplined is giving up a little pleasure such as watching television to achieve a far greater amount of pleasure in the future.

I know I’ve said it before, but it is vital.

Your life is an investment.

The question is are you investing intelligently?

I want to encourage you to invest your time intelligently – practice properly and do the things right from the start.

Of course you will have practice sessions where you practice more freely – that should also be part of your plan.

‘Creative practice’ where you just jam and play is definitely also important.

But if this is all you do – then sorry to say, but you are busy with the wrong method of practice.

I recommend at least 70% of highly disciplined practice and then 30% of creative practice.

So invest your time wisely and practice properly to get great results in the future.

Secret number eight a disciplined routine is really the only way to success.

Only Way To Success
I would love to tell you that there is another way, but there’s no other way.

No one is going to make you a great guitarist.

No one is going to make you successful in your career.

No one is going to make your life easier at least not most of the time.

Nobody owes you anything.

You are responsible for whatever you have achieved to date.

That is exactly why you need to be disciplined in order to become the guitarist you want to be.

It is after all the only 100% success rate methodology that I know of.

You can never waste your time by being disciplined.

Life is designed to reward those who are disciplined.

So I want to encourage you and tell you that you are great – you are a success – you are a genius and you have infinite potential.

You’ve got more brainpower than you need for a thousand years.

The only question is whether you will take up the challenge and stick to a great practice schedule.

Will you be disciplined?

Will you stick and do whatever it takes to reach your goals?

Will you do the things that the majority do not want to even hear about?

Will you be the one who is willing to walk the extra thousand miles?

If you will – then the sky’s the limit and you can achieve all your musical goals.

So stick to a routine – be disciplined – get great guitar mentorship and stand on the shoulders of giants.

Become the guitarist you’ve always wanted to become!

If you do not achieve your dreams – it will be your fault.

You have got everything you need to make it.

Now go and do it!

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