How to practice the guitar WITHOUT having a guitar on you!

Practice guitar away from the guitar

You possess a GREAT quality within you!

You have the ability to practise the guitar without having your guitar at hand by practising using the facility and power of your mind.

Inside of our mind’s eye, we are able to see the instrument and practise scales, arpeggios, chords, repertoire and a whole lot more without even touching the instrument.

As you are probably very busy with your profession and with professional engagements, you may feel that your guitar practise is less than optimum.

You may feel that you do not get quite enough time to practice the guitar properly.

That’s exactly why I’ve set forth to write this article!

To show you what you can do to increase your practise time.

It is absolutely imperative that you take advantage of these tricks and techniques in order to achieve a much higher level of guitar proficiency by using all available time and utilising time that would otherwise have gone wasted.

You may not always be able to be physically at your instrument, but you are able to practise away from the instrument and it is absolutely vital that you learn how to develop this rare and beautiful skill.

This skill will set you apart, and help you achieve greatness and help you become the guitarist that you’ve always wanted to become.

As an adult, you are often very busy in professional work-related situations.

Some of those work-related situations may require your full time and dedication.

But even so, you’ll always find opportunities to be able to practise the instrument in your head.

After a while when you get really good at it, you’ll be able to do that without hesitation.

It is therefore, essential that you develop the skill and learn the art of practising the guitar away from the guitar.

By learning how to practise the guitar away from the guitar that you’ll be able to make wonderful progress and be able to go so much further than only practising the guitar with a guitar in your hands!

So take the time to develop this rare and beautiful skill and benefit from compound interest and compound return on your guitar-playing.

It’s extremely wise to use all the available time as this could amount to about 90 minutes of EXTRA guitar study per day.

Imagine what an hour-and-a-half of extra DAILY guitar practice would do for you?

You would be amazed at the return that you would achieve.

Just remember, in the art of compound return, it is the “constant doing of effective things” that brings an exceptional result.

It’s the doing, and doing, and doing, and doing again that will make you great!

That is exactly why you need to develop this fine art of learning how to practise inside of your mind’s eye.

Later in the article, I will speak to you on how to do that and what you need to do exactly to be able to do this effectively and efficiently as it does require a certain type of skill.

It is vital that you learn how to do this and that you learn how to do this from the very start in order to be able to have an advantage over others who are also practising the guitar.

Of course, playing the guitar is not a competition and I’m not saying that it should be.

You are however, competing against yourself and you need to find a moment to practise whenever there is additional time available.

Now, I firmly believe that the reason people do not practise more is not because of a lack of time, but because of a lack of passion.

If you’re truly passionate about the guitar you will create and find the time even if you’re super-busy.

As a business person (as a lot of my students are in business and  finance) you do take the plane or train for business trips multiple times a year.

Now, you may use this time to unwind, or to sleep, or to relax and there’s nothing wrong with relaxing from time to time.

However, it is absolutely vital that you do use any and all free time available.

So when you wait at the airport for you to board your plane, instead of just reading the newspaper – (unless you’re reading something important) why don’t you create a list and start practising the guitar away from the guitar?

Later in this article, I will show you exactly how to do that, but once again the point that I’m trying to make is that you need to find a solution to practice the guitar away from the guitar.

If you can do this, you can really squeeze out the time and you can make so much more progress than you would have otherwise made.

It is why it’s imperative that you learn how to do that!

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The art of compound return

Compound return

If we take someone great in the investment world, let’s say Warren Buffett, we would realise that the greatest amount of his success just came from doing the same thing over, and over, and over again.

We can think about the time that he spent when he was younger just doing the door-to-door newspaper rounds that he used to do. (500,000 in total actually…)

He didn’t always have fun while he was doing it, but he needed the money.

He recognised from an early age that without cash he’s basically a dead duck.

So Buffett knew that he needed cash desperately to grow his investment ideas!

Of course, he combined that with developing his knowledge of investing and his knowledge of understanding human psychology, the financial markets and so much more, but Buffett essentially understood the most important thing which was that any and all available time should be used to get the best possible return on investment.

That is what Buffett is renowned for.

Warren Buffett is an absolute master when it comes to investing and he’s a master when it comes to finance. But he is also a master at using every and all available resource to be able to get the maximum return possible.

In finance, it’s all about return on investment, it’s all about getting 1% or 2% more, which we all know on $100,000,000 can be quite a big sum.

Guitar playing is a musical study and skill which is not like finance where the return is measured in dollars and cents – it’s measured more in your ability to play and improvise musically!

But in order for you to be able to express yourself musically, you need to have a superb technique and understanding of the instrument as well as music theory and that is not so much different to understanding balance sheets and the inner workings of companies and finance. (Both require a tremendous amount of study and introspection!)

The primary reason I am writing this article is to get you to make a SERIOUS change in the way you think about your guitar practice and guitar future…

Your guitar playing

I want you to become SUPER successful and achieve ALL your dreams and goals related to your guitar playing!

That’s exactly why you need to learn how to study away from the instrument.

It’s by studying away from the instrument that you can make tremendous progress – progress that you could never have dream of making before.

Remember, a mediocre guitarist will always be mediocre and they will always just do the minimum, but not so with you!

You are a winner – a champion! (Why else would you bother reading this…)

You are a success busy happening, you are one of the 3% of the adults who make tremendous progress with their music, regardless of being busy with another profession.

And even if you’re busy with another profession, why can’t you take your guitar-playing to the ultimate level possible?

Of course you can do that and that’s exactly what you need to do and what you need to achieve.

So, make sure that you join the 3%, the rare breed of passionate adult guitarists who are willing to put in the extra effort required to become the greatest guitarist that they can possibly become!

Become part of the 3%, become part of the elite, become part of those who excel, those who succeed beyond their wildest success.

But in order to do so, you definitely need to do a deep study on the science of compound interest.

Now, compound interest is a very simple subject.

It’s basically making use of the time today.

Let’s take the extra 30 minutes that you’re able to pull out of the day using and practising the guitar in your mind’s eye and multiply that by days into the future.

So let’s just use the number 900 days into the future multiplied by 30 minutes versus 900 days into the future, multiplied by 0 minutes.

You can see where I’m going with this.

You’re obviously going to make a spectacular type of return if you do this and it is a great secret.

It is a great secret and there’s only a few, a handful of people who truly understands this secret! (And actually execute this strategy!)

Remember knowing something mentally is NOT knowing it UNLESS you actually do it!

There’s only a handful of people who achieve all their dreams and go beyond their goals!

Make sure you are part of the select few who make things happen!


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Radically Improve Your Guitar Using the Technique

improve your techinque

Radically improve your guitar-playing using the technique of practising inside of your mind’s eye.

By practising inside of your mind’s eye, you are making a tremendous amount of progress that you would not have otherwise made.

You are doing something that others are not willing to do and therefore, taking advantage of compound interest and compound return that you would not have otherwise seen.

Doing this will set you apart and take you to the top much quicker than not doing this.

That is why it is vital for you to practise away from the instrument, it’s vital for you to work on your playing in a step-by-step manner away from the instrument each and every day.

By practising inside of your mind’s eye, you will make terrific musical progress.

You’ll be one of those who benefits from compound interest and compound return and by doing so, you will go fast forward so much faster than those who are not doing a similar thing.

Therefore, spend the time and effort to practise the guitar inside of your mind’s away!

Spend the time and effort to take your playing forward and you’ll be surprised at the amazing explosion of progress that you will achieve by doing this.

It’s always important to remember that you have more ability in your mind than you can use in a hundred lifetimes.

Therefore, you should always strive to do more because you can do so much more than you think you can do.

The good news is that all skills are learnable.

People have done this before and as people have done this before, it is vital that you also do the same and you take yourself forward much quicker than those who are doing the bare minimum…

So you will make an outstanding progress on your instrument if you follow the methodology that I’ve set out for you.

Of course only a handful of people who will be willing to follow it as it requires an extraordinary amount of courage AND BRAVERY that not everybody has within their system!

So it’s important that you decide that you’re going to join the 3% of adults who make progress beyond the standard individual.

It is absolutely essential that you join the select few who take themselves forward up to 10 times faster than the norm!

It is important that you go for it, and you go for greatest SUCCESS you can dream of!

Become the person that you’ve always wanted to become – it’s up to YOU to make it a reality!

It is up to you to succeed; it is up to you to take yourself forward – it is up to you.

The choice is always in your hands.

The question is, are you going to do it or not?

Practice inside of your mind’s eye and RADICALLY improve everything about your guitar playing in a short period of time!

Enjoy the amazing return that you will receive on your guitar playing and enjoy the amazing EXPLOSIVE musical returns.

Practice Guitar Using Multiple Methods

electric guitar

It is absolutely imperative and essential for you to practise using multiple methods. If you look at anything in life that you want to achieve, you will always notice that there are obstacles in the way of your achievement.

With your guitar-playing, typical obstacles will include the following:

• You will feel, “I am just not fast enough.”
• You will feel, “I struggle with my vibrato.”
• You will feel, “I cannot get to memorise all these chords.”
• You will feel, “I think I am not talented enough.”

All of these objections are basically feelings.

Feelings are not facts.

You can only concern yourself with facts.

Feelings by themselves are not really that important.

It is important that you do get psychological training to help you not care too much about your feelings.

However, since feelings are not facts, you do not need to concern yourself too much with the majority of (doubtful) feelings that you get around your guitar playing.

Yes, you do need to analyse your feelings and you need to get help if your “feelings” starts affecting your practise and performance.

Bear in mind – it’s just feelings… not facts!

But to get back to the point of using multiple methods, every one of those feelings can be tackled using multiple methods.

Let’s go for the objection of, “I cannot play fast enough.”

In order to play faster, one can learn how to play faster using a variety of skills including practising the right hand away from the guitar.

Now you may ask, “How do you develop your speed practising away from the guitar? I don’t even have the guitar on me?”

Actually, you can.

You can visualise a fast passage inside of your mind’s eye, meditate on it very deeply and try to isolate what the problem is.

You will often find the problem away from the guitar much quicker than you’ll find it on the guitar itself. So that’s an example of using one method.

Then you can do a second method, which is just to practise the right hand alone and a third method which is to practise the left hand alone.

Then you can do a fourth method, which is to practise the same passage using a variety of sound and effects on your guitar because effects could inspire you to learn certain things about the instrument and about the passage that you would not have otherwise seen.

So it is vital that you use a variety of methods.

This is likely to set you free and likely to take you forward much quicker than using just a single method.

Let’s use another example:

Let’s take the common idea of, “It’s too much information on the guitar. I struggle to memorise all the A7 dominant arpeggios across the guitar neck and I struggle to really get a strong grip on it.”

It’s a very, very valid point and it’s a very valid objection and I want to tell you that you’re not the only person feeling this.

You will have a wide variety of people just like you feeling a similar thing.

Just remember, for anything you feel about your guitar playing, there are others just like you feeling exactly the same.

We don’t live in isolation, we are human beings and we share similar feelings and similar things.

That is why it’s important to use multiple methods.

That will HELP you break through the barriers in your guitar playing!

For the issue of, “I can’t practise the A7 chords across the neck,” you will need to use the method of creating a great schedule and goal-setting.

You need to create a schedule to once-and-for-all get to know the A7 arpeggios/chords across the neck in multiple positions.

The next thing you will need to do is to execute the schedule effectively and consistently – over and over and over again!

You should then also proceed to practise the A7 arpeggios AWAY from the guitar! Inside your mind’s eye!

You’ve then used two methods namely the method of practising with a schedule and a guitar and the method of practising inside your mind’s eye.

Multiple methods will make you an excellent guitarist!

Even as I’m writing this article to you, I can already see the entire A7 arpeggio in my mind within a split second.

I can see it much quicker than I can play it even.

That is the power of the mind and the power of photographic memory.

It takes a long time to be able to develop this type of mind “courage and power”, but you can do it if you practice inside of your mind’s eye a lot.

There are a lot of different things you need to be able to do and it’s really important for you to realise that some of your goals are going to be short-term goals and some of your goals are going to be long-term goals.

Although you can use the power of the mind in all circumstances and all situations, there are obviously certain things where things will be very difficult and where you will have to use multiple methods over a number of months and even sometimes over a number of years.

It can be painful.

Sometimes, we don’t have a choice and the only way to truly sort out issues is to take time to sort them out.

Playing the guitar fast for example, can be such an issue.

Playing fast does not necessarily come to you in a day.

It’s something that you’ll need to build up and although you may use all the great techniques that I talked about including photographic memory, and a host of other things, you cannot simply get there by trying.

You will also need to get there by consistent application over a number of years and at times it will feel like it does not come together.

Now I want to share a great secret with you.

Whenever you feel that something doesn’t quite come together, remember, there are others who feel exactly the same way as you do.

There are others who have exactly the same pains and feelings and who are going through the same types of internal dialogue and internal issues that you are.

That is why it is very important that you do not give up, but continue.

So do these exercises that I talk about, but at the same time do give yourself a lot of time to achieve certain goals and aspirations. (Such as improvising fluently over jazz standards or playing sixteenth notes at 185 bpm…)

Rome was not built in a day and neither can you hope to become a star guitarist and guitar player in a day.

So when you use the multiple methods, you will definitely see an increase, but nothing is instant.

Nothing happens overnight.

(Talking about worthwhile-difficult-to-accomplish things here…)

You need to put in the time and the effort to be able to become who you want to become.

That is the greatest secret.

If you do not do that, it will just simply not come together.

So use multiple methods and multiple angles!

It will take you forward much quicker than a single method used in isolation!

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The Importance of Building a List When Practising the Guitar Away from the Guitar


It is absolutely vital that you do have a list handy before you start practising the instrument away from the instrument.

The reason for this is quite simple – you need to have all your focus to successfully practise the guitar in your mind’s eye.

So in order to do that, you will need to have a list handy and that’s exactly what I’m going to help you to create.

In this example, I’m going to show you an example of a list that you can use when practising.

At the end of this section, you could also see a PDF document that you can download and use yourself for when you are ready to practise away from the guitar.

So let’s take the example of one of my students on his way to Berlin to a business meeting and he doesn’t really have to do any (business) preparation on the train.

So he’s got time… to practise guitar inside of his mind’s eye!

So he’s got a choice, either he can relax, have a glass of wine, unwind; or he could do the opposite, he could enjoy a lovely coffee and practice the guitar away from the guitar.

Guess what my student would do?

He would practise the guitar away from the guitar.

So in order to do this, he would then need to have his list handy in order to make it far easier for him to succeed at doing this because it requires a tremendous amount of mental power to practise the guitar away from the guitar.

Let’s say that my student is an intermediate guitar player and he’s hoping to improve his knowledge of the major and minor pentatonic scale well as the minor and major arpeggios across the guitar neck.

He would then proceed to write down these things that he want to achieve on his list.

So let’s take the example of the minor and major Pentatonic scale.

Let’s say he has decided to practise in the key of G, although of course all keys should be practised in,

He would then proceed to write down:

• G minor Pentatonic position 1
• G minor Pentatonic position 2
• G minor Pentatonic position 3
• G minor Pentatonic position 4
• G minor Pentatonic position 5
• F Ionian (SG 123) – (SG stands for String Group…)
• G Dorian (SG 123)
• A Phygrian (SG 123)
• Bb Lydian (SG 123)
• C Mixolydian (SG 123)
• D Aelion (SG 123)
• E Locrian (SG 123)
• Major Arpeggios Pos 1-5
• Minor Arpeggios Pos 1-5

He would then practise each one of these scales and arpeggios across the neck INSIDE of his mind’s eye… YES WITHOUT A GUITAR BEING PRESENT!!!

He simply writes them down and he puts a tick box next to them as well as the more or less amount of time you are to take to complete them.

Finally, he adds a piece of repertoire that he is working on to the list.

So, he then proceeds to practise each one of these items and he ticks off as he goes along.

It is vital that he does tick it off because by ticking it off, he’s taking action and telling himself that he has completed a task.

Writing things down is generally very, very, very important because it does take you forward much quicker than doing everything by chance or doing everything, hoping things will work out.

That is why it’s absolutely vital that you always write and record things around your playing and study!

There are certain circumstances where you may not need to do that, but generally it can be a very good idea.

Even in terms of your own goals for your life as well as your technique, it is a great idea to write things down generally. (Esp… your goals!)

That sums up the list creation.

So he has now finished his “Practise AWAY from the guitar!” and he’s 40 minutes away from Berlin!

He can now have his glass of wine with his meal and enjoy all the pleasures that a first-class train ride would bring him.

Yes, he can relax now, but he can relax knowing he has done EVERYTHING in his power to drastically improve his guitar playing for the day!

He was not lazy, he used every and all opportunity to advance himself and to take himself forward even though he’s away for business over the weekend.

That is an example of how to go forward and how to get things right that no one else gets right.

The secret is in the doing, the secret is going for it and doing more than the other guy is going to do.

Of course, it’s not a competition, but you could always sum up the good players in a group and you will always realise that the good players are in a certain group because of certain things that they have done and certain things that they aren’t doing.

That’s exactly what you want to do, that’s exactly what you want to achieve.

So make your list, follow the instructions that I’ve given, copy the list and download it!

Work on your own playing away from the instrument and you will be marvellously surprised at just what rate of progress you make and just how fast you develop!

If you do that you will reach your goal of becoming the guitarist that you have always wanted to become SO MUCH FASTER!!!

Practice All Day Long

Practice all day long!

By using this wonderful methodology of practising inside of your mind’s eye, you can basically practise all day long!

For example, if you’ve got a vacation and you are on holiday, with friends and family on the beach, and you are sitting there, and instead of doing nothing, you can see the guitar in your mind’s eye and you can therefore, practise all day long and practise your success all day long.

That is a great secret in itself.

It’s wonderful to be able to have this option of practising all day long.

It’s wonderful to be able to work on your guitar-playing even without a guitar.

Of course, you can take your guitar with you on holiday, but if you find yourself in a situation where you do not have your instrument and you would like to increase your level of playing, you can simply do so by practising inside of your mind’s eye.

(Inside of a restaurant for example… or while watching a mundane movie…)

It will take a little bit of dedication and courage, as well as strength to get this right.

However, if you push this and insist, you will definitely get there in time and you will become a success.

So go for it, practise all day long, work on your playing, keep on pushing yourself because you know what will happen?

You will reach your dreams.

Sometimes it will take a bit of time.

Like I said before, success doesn’t always come overnight, but if you follow these methodologies in time, over time you will absolutely develop your guitar playing to a very, very high level and become the musician that you’ve always wanted to become.

When you get this right, you will then be able to be very proud of what you’ve accomplished and be very proud of the goals, the dreams and the aspirations that you are achieving.

It is therefore, vital that you just keep on KEEPING ON and you do not give up, but keep on working on what you work on.

So seriously use this methodology, practice all day long and enjoy the fruit of your success because you would have really deserved that success then.

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